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Dame Tampons: Eco-Chic Period Care for the Modern Woman

We care about what we put into our body; vitamins, foods, fizzy drinks and alcohol. So why not the same about the menstrual products then?

If we’ve touched a nerve, then you’ll want to hear about Dame period products – a certified B Corp that’s changing the game for subscription boxes for tampons.

Tampons were first launched in 1933, and while the world has changed since then, the evolution of the tampon has not.. until now.

Over the past three years, Dame has become a force for good, with the Dame Tampon applicator – the world’s first re-usable version.

That’s not all though, the business designs period pants, as well as a host of reusable period products, including pads, tampons and menstrual cups.

What are Dame period products?

You’ve probably read a Dame tampons review and thought ‘they’re an exciting company’, and you wouldn’t be wrong.

They rose to fame for their reusable tampon applicator, which is still a top seller.

They also offer period pads, which feature five layers of considered materials and antimicrobial technology, lasting 6-8 hours.

And they also offer organic cotton tampons, which are free from nasties, such as bleach, chemicals and plastics, that many other brands use.

Taking their business to the next level, Dame recently introduced super soft reusable period pants, which absorb the equivalent of three tampons or pads per wear.

And if that wasn’t enough, there’s a period cup coming in the next few weeks, as part of their growing range. In short, they’re unstoppable!

Cost of pads and tampon subscription service:

All products can be bought as a one-off, and for others like tampons, you can buy on repeat.

Subscription boxes for tampons start from £11.99 for a pack of 34 regular tampons (there are six different types of boxes to choose from).

However, if you choose to subscribe, you’ll save over 16%, with boxes going down to just £9.99.

Although more expensive than the high-street, the cost is quite competitive compared to other pads and tampon subscriptions, and again it’s a much superior product to everyday high-street items.

Their award-winning reusable tampon applicator starts from £19.99 and is one of their biggest selling items.

It’s hygienically designed to be self-sanitising, comfortable, durable – oh and best of all they are free from plastic.

Where to buy Dame tampons?

If you’re thinking of investing in Dame Tampons, and we say investing because their products are brilliantly designed to be re-used, then visit and Dame Tampons Amazon page for a selection of all their products.

Some of the benefits of using Dame period products:

Where to begin? This is a B-Corp on a mission, which has picked up a number of awards along the way.

Their triumphs are endless and continue, but here’s just a few reasons why you might want to make the switch to Dame.

  • Better for your body

Whether you’re considering pads of tampons, cups or pants, Dame products are considerately made. Unlike many traditional sanitary products on the market, which are made from synthetic fibres, plastics, and treated with harsh chemicals, Dame’s are toxin-free, carbon negative and all-round a much better choice.

  • Better for the world

And guess what? They’re better for the planet too. Less waste, less plastic, more reusable and innovative alternatives for a sustainable future. Every part of the range is made to be sustainable, this includes the tampon wrappers which are made from cellphane derived from wood pulp, through to the organic cotton use in tampons. If you’re concerned about your green (or should that be red) credentials, then Dame Period products truly lead the way in thoughtfully designed sustainable hygiene products and wear.

  • They’re comfortable

Periods can last sometimes seven days a month, for 12 months a year. That’s a long time to be uncomfortable. Thankfully, Dame’s collection are designed by a woman, with comfort and sustainability – from their super soft period pants, to the reusable applicator.

  • Innovative

The Dame Tampon applicator can be used as many as 3,000 times in its lifetime, and is made from plastic-free materials. For women who prefer to use applicators, or struggle without the assistance, the reusable tampon applicator is most definitely a game-changer.

  • Subscriptions that suit you

We particularly like that Dame tampons are delivered monthly (or as often as you require) on the subscription service, saving you all those last minute dashes to the corner shop. Plus, there’s free UK postage, and the product fits through the letterbox, so no traipsing to the postal depot either.

If you fancy joining the thousands of other die-hard ‘Damers’ order your first subscription, or check them out at: