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The Best Alcohol and Beer Subscription Boxes in the UK

Do you find shopping for alcohol a chore? Are you looking to spice up your drinking experiences?

If so, then subscribing to one of the UK’s best alcohol subscription boxes is the answer.

Lets take a look at the best beer subscriptions and some of the new beers from the best alcoholic subscription boxes currently available in the UK!


Get a tasting box of exciting flavours of drinks every month from Flaviar. Every month, Flaviar can supply you with select releases not available at your local liquor store.

In fact, subscribers receive three flavours in one tasting box that includes cognac, vodka, rum, whisky, grappa, tequila or gin.


If you’re a gin and tonic lover, ILoveGin is an amazing resource for you. The ILoveGin subscription box gets you a month’s supply of gin and tonics at affordable prices. Besides gins and tonics, you’ll also receive perfectly paired mixers and garnish tips.

The gins and tonics are usually handpicked by the ILoveGin team. Now you can treat yourself or your gin lover friends with a glorious gin gift from ILoveGin.


Awebox offers more than 20 categories to choose from. Some of the categories include nail care, chef’s pantry, men’s grooming, women’s beauty, candles, chocolate, gin, vodka, whisky, beer and others.

Simply choose your interest and build a customised Awebox with all your favourite things. Then every month, they will deliver a box full of your favourite things to your doorstep.


Beer52 is an online shop and club for beer lovers in the UK. The beer club also provides subscribers with a monthly supply of the best brews from around the globe. Basically, you’ll get craft beers from the biggest and most exclusive breweries each month.

There are two options to choose from:

  • Light beers – a selection of light beers
  • Mixed beers – selection of light and dark beers

Delivery is free, and you can cancel your subscription plan at any time.

Craft Gin Club:

Another subscription box for gin lovers is Craft Gin Club. It offers subscribers access to exclusive gins and tonics. As one of the best gin clubs in the UK, they select 6 of the most exquisite gins from the UK and 6 from around the world.

Every month, they deliver the subscription box to your doorstep. The contents of the box remain a surprise until you get it. However, expect a full bottle of craft gin among other selections.

La Gourmet Box:

La Gourmet Box specializes in craft products sourced from Spain and France. You can find products from small and premium artisans. Each subscription plan brings you authentic flavours of Spain and France. In each monthly subscription to box, you’ll be able to taste the best traditional delicacies and flavours from both countries.

Each box is usually presented beautifully and wrapped in tissue paper to ensure safe arrival.

Savage Wines:

Enjoy two to three delicious wines every month with a Savage Wines subscription box. Whether you like red, white or both, Savage Wines will do its best to deliver.

Each subscription box comes securely packaged with a handy card that provides all the information you need to know about each wine.

The card will also include tips on the type of food that goes well with each wine. On the day of delivery, Savage Wines sommelier Raul will send you a link to a video and podcast where he will speak to you about the wines in the box.

The Wine List:

Learn the key principles and foundations of why wines taste the way they do with the Wine List subscription box. Each month, you’ll receive two bottles of wines securely packaged to ensure safe arrival.

Tipple Box:

Tipple Box is a cocktail delivery service that delivers the best cocktails direct to your doorstep. Each box comes with ingredients to make four delicious cocktails plus two easy-to-follow recipes. You’ll also receive snacks, exclusive rewards and insider cocktail knowledge.

Whisky Flavour:

Subscribe to Whisky Flavour and get 4 whisky expressions every month without investing in the full bottles. Whisky Flavour allows you to taste world-class whiskies in miniature bottles.

In the box, you’ll find four Whisky miniatures, a coaster, whiskey stones, a Glencairn glass, and treats. All these items are usually packed in a handcrafted wooden box that you can reuse.


Designed to give you a simple and educational wine experience, Winepost delivers high-quality wines to your door. Every month, you’ll receive two bottles of wine plus information that will teach you all about the wine you’re drinking.

Subscribers can choose how many bottles of wine they want and how often they want them delivered. You can even specify the type of wine and Winepost will customize each box with tasting cards for each wine and much more.

Best of British Beer:

Save money on beer with the Best of British Beer subscription box. Each box contains 12 bottles of different types of beers from Conwy brewery, Freedom brewery, Allendale brewery and many independent breweries and more.

Subscribers have the option of selecting the specific beer they want. Also, if you want an established or personalised theme, Best of British Beer can customise the beer subscription services and box for you.

Crafty Nectar:

Discover the wonderful world of fine cider with the Crafty Nectar subscription box. Craft Nectar scours the UK to find the finest brands of cider. In fact, they go for specialist small-batch craft ciders for their quality.

In the box, you can find 6 different brands of cider such as Anxo Cider (Rose), Ascension Cider (Pilot), Kicking Goat Cider (Dry) and others.


If you’re a fan of craft beers, then get the EeBria! beer subscription box. Inside the box, you’ll find 12 different full-sized beers.

If you’re within England and Wales, you can enjoy tasting the products of different craft breweries, from only one supplier.


Try something new and exciting with MicroBarBox. In the box, you’ll find a combination of mixers, spirits and cocktails. Each box will also have a cocktail menu teaching you how to mix the cocktail.

If you want to make your cocktails spectacular, the menu has more ideas you should try out. If you love the MicroBarBox subscription, share it with a special someone by purchasing a cocktail gift subscription.

My VitiBox:

Get the best drinking experience with My VitiBox. Each month, subscribers receive a wine box with two bottles of wine carefully selected by Alain Gousse. Accompanying the wine is an educational booklet that teaches you wine jargon and walks you through the wine tasting process.

The booklet also has information on the food to pair with the wines in the box. To train your nose, My VitiBox will include small bottles of wine aromas in the box.

Taste Cocktails:

Taste Cocktails subscription box is a box of bar-quality spirits that you can drink and your friends can enjoy mixing up the drinks. The subscription service allows you to mix the drinks and find a mixture that fits your taste. In the box, you’ll find 5 to 6 cocktail drinks that you can experiment with to create your own drinks.

The box is usually delivered every month and you can request for shakers and mixing equipment with the order.


WowBoxMe is a subscription box that curates and delivers a selection of emerging products from different brands. Subscribers have the choice of beer subscriptions, a non-alcoholic box that goes for £6.99 or an alcoholic box that goes for £9.99.

In fact, you can choose a discovery box, a healthy box, a craft beer box and a fine wine box. In the box, you’ll find craft beer, wines, snickers, seaweed puffs, nut butter balls, protein shakes and other goodies.

JOMO Club:

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic box, then the Jomo Club alcohol-free box is best for you. By subscribing to Jomo Club, you get to try the latest non-alcoholic spirits as they come on the market. Each box includes a full bottle of alcohol-free spirit with garnishes and mixers.

You’ll also find savoury and sweet snacks, a 16-page members magazine, the cocktail of the month plus a plantable ingredient card.

Naked Wines:

Start a collection of wine selections at home with Naked Wines. With the Naked Wines subscription box, you can have your preferred bottle of wine delivered to your doorstep. In one box, you’ll get 6 bottles of wines – all red, all white or a mix of white and red wine. To start your wine collection, get the Naked Wines voucher.

With the voucher, you can get a 12-pack box for just £79.99. That’s £6.67 per bottle of wine. Cancelling the subscription is free.

Pulp Wine:

Start learning about wines from the comfort of your home with the Pulp Wine subscription box. Best for newbies and wine enthusiasts, the wine-tasting boxes are available in two varieties.

You have got the Grape Fundamentals box that contains a 375ml Sauvignon Blanc by Rodaro and 375ml Pinot Grigio by Rodaro. The box also includes wine lessons that will teach you all about the four most widely drunk grapes.

The other box contains a 375ml Cabernet Sauvignon by Feudi di Romans and a 375ml Syrah by Baglio Oro. The bottles are half the size of standard wine bottles allowing you to compare two wines at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we answer your questions about alcohol and beer subscription boxes in the UK.

What is an alcohol subscription box?

An alcohol subscription box is a service that delivers curated selections of alcoholic beverages to your doorstep on a recurring basis. This service is perfect for those who enjoy exploring different types of drinks and wish to discover new flavours and brands.

How does an alcohol subscription box work?

Alcohol subscription boxes work by curating a selection of alcoholic beverages, often with a specific theme (such as craft beers, fine wines, or gins), and delivering them to your doorstep monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. Some subscription services allow you to customise your preferences in terms of the type and quantity of alcohol.

What are beer subscription boxes?

Beer subscription boxes are a type of alcohol subscription service that focuses specifically on delivering curated selections of beers to your doorstep on a recurring basis. These are great for beer lovers who wish to explore new brands and flavours.

What kind of beers can I expect in my subscription box?

Depending on the subscription service, you can expect a variety of craft beers, local and international beers, and other specialty beers. Some services like Best of British Beer focus on providing beers from independent breweries around the UK.

What are some of the best beer subscriptions in the UK?

Among the best beer subscriptions in the UK are Beer52, Best of British Beer, and EeBria, which offer a range of new and exciting beers from different breweries each month.

Can I expect only good beer in my subscription box?

Absolutely. The beers in these subscription boxes are carefully selected by experts who ensure you receive only the very best beers.

Can I customise the type of beers I receive in my beer subscription box?

Yes, many beer subscription services allow you to customise your box based on your preferences. For instance, with Beer52, you can choose between a selection of light beers or a mix of light and dark beers.

How many beers do I get in my subscription box?

The number of beers you receive in your box depends on the subscription service. For instance, Best of British Beer delivers 12 bottles of different types of beers each month.

Do these beer subscription boxes come with any additional good stuff?

Yes, many beer subscription boxes include extras like tasting notes, pairing suggestions, and snacks along with the beers.

How do I cancel anytime if I decide I no longer want my beer subscription box?

You can cancel anytime with most of these services. However, some may require a notice period, so it’s best to check their individual cancellation policies.

Are there beer subscription boxes that cater to non-alcoholic preferences?

Yes, there are beer subscription boxes that offer non-alcoholic options. For example, the Jomo Club offers a selection of non-alcoholic spirits and mixers, making it perfect for those who enjoy the taste of cocktails without the alcohol.

Can I gift a beer subscription box?

Yes, most beer subscription services offer gift options. This makes a great present for anyone who enjoys good beer and would appreciate the chance to explore new brands and flavours.