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How to Sell Your Feet Pictures on Stock Photo Websites in 2024

Selling foot pictures is a legitimate and profitable way to make money, especially on stock photo sites.

If you’re interested in monetising your foot pictures without pursuing the adult entertainment path, stock photo sites are your gateway.

Let’s dive into this opportunity.

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Why Choose Stock Photo Sites for Selling Foot Pictures?

A Professional Platform:

Stock photo sites cater to a wide professional audience, including businesses, publishers, and designers. These platforms allow you to showcase your foot pictures to an extensive market without compromising on privacy or professionalism.

Legal and Secure:

Selling foot pictures on stock photo sites is perfectly legal and safe. You retain control over your content, and most platforms offer secure payment options. Always read the terms and conditions to understand your rights.

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Best Stock Photo Sites to Sell Your Foot Pictures

iStock Photo:

iStock Photo, a subsidiary of Getty Images, offers contributors a royalty rate of 15% for each file downloaded through a standard subscription. This percentage can jump up to 45% if you join them exclusively. With an expansive audience, you have a real opportunity to earn considerable revenue from your foot pictures here.


Alamy sets itself apart with one of the industry’s highest payout rates. You receive 50% of the sale price for direct sales. For images sold through distribution partners, the rate is 30%. Their transparent pricing model can significantly benefit those selling unique foot pictures.


Shutterstock operates on a tiered payout system. As you earn more from your foot picture sales, your royalty rate increases. The rate starts at 15% but can climb up to 40%. Given their enormous customer base, consistent sales can quickly ramp up your earnings.


Dreamstime offers a tiered commission structure based on the number of sales you’ve made. The rate starts at 25% but can rise to 50%. Exclusive images get an additional 10% commission, making it a tempting platform for selling foot pictures.


BigStock provides a simple structure, offering contributors up to 30% of the sale price. The average payout per image download is between $0.50 and $3, but if you have a popular foot picture, the numbers can quickly add up.

CanStock Photo:

CanStock Photo pays a commission starting at 50% of the licensing fee for your sold foot pictures. They also offer a quick approval process, meaning you can start earning faster than on some other platforms.


Since Fotolia merged with Adobe Stock, they’ve adopted a royalty rate between 20% to 46%, depending on the image’s popularity and quality. Their integration with Adobe products gives your foot pictures a broad audience.

Getty Images:

Getty Images is a premium platform with a royalty rate starting at 20%. Given their higher pricing for images, you might earn more per sale here, especially if your foot pictures are of exceptional quality.


Stocksy boasts one of the highest payout rates in the industry, with a 50% royalty for standard licenses and 75% for extended licenses. It’s a curated platform, so if your foot pictures are accepted, you stand to make a good profit.


Photocase adopts a more dynamic pricing structure based on the image’s size and the user’s requirements. On average, you can expect to earn between 40% to 60% commission. Their artsy customer base could be the perfect market for foot pictures with a creative twist.

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How to Begin Your Foot Picture Journey

Quality Matters: Your foot pictures must be of high quality. This means clear, well-lit shots that highlight the best angles of your feet.

Foot Care: Take care of your feet, as they’re your selling point. Regular grooming and a bit of creativity with nail polish or accessories can make your foot pictures more appealing.

Safety and Anonymity: Even on professional platforms, maintain anonymity if privacy matters to you. Stick to the platform’s communication and payment channels for safety.

Comply with Requirements: Understand and comply with each platform’s submission requirements, payment terms, and other guidelines. This ensures a smooth experience in selling your foot pictures.

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Final Thoughts

Selling foot pictures on stock photo sites presents a lucrative and respectable avenue to monetise your pictures.

By choosing the right platforms, maintaining quality, and adhering to safety protocols, you could turn your foot pictures into a steady income stream.

Whether as a hobby or a serious business venture, this could be your stepping stone to become a professional foot model.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick FAQ to answer the most common questions about selling on stock photo sites.

Why sell foot pictures on stock photo websites?

Stock photo websites provide a reputable and secure platform to sell foot pictures to a wide range of clients, including marketers, advertisers, and educators. They offer a more structured, anonymous, and legitimate way to monetise your foot photos compared to other platforms.

How much can I earn selling foot pictures on stock photo sites?

Earnings can vary based on the platform, picture quality, and demand. For instance, on Alamy, you can earn a 50% commission on direct sales, while Shutterstock operates on a tiered system that ranges from 15% to 40%. Regular uploads and high-quality photos can boost earnings.

Is it legal to sell foot pictures online?

Yes, selling foot pictures is perfectly legal as long as the photos belong to you, you’re of legal age, and they adhere to the terms and conditions of the stock photo site.

What type of foot pictures are in demand?

The demand varies. Popular categories include close-ups, pictures showcasing foot jewellery or nail polish, bare feet on natural backgrounds and foot poses. It’s essential to diversify your portfolio to meet various needs.

How can I ensure the best quality for my foot pictures?

High-resolution images with clear lighting are preferred. It’s also beneficial to have a clean background, focus on foot care, and understand basic photography skills. Even smartphones can produce quality images if used correctly.

Do I need to be a professional photographer to sell on stock photo sites?

No, while professional experience can help, many stock photo platforms accept images from amateurs as long as they meet the site’s quality standards.

Can I sell the same foot picture on multiple stock photo platforms?

It depends on the licensing agreement of the stock photo site. Some platforms might require exclusivity, while others allow you to sell the same image across multiple sites. Always check the terms before uploading.

How can I stay safe while selling foot pictures online?

Choose reputable stock photo sites, avoid sharing personal information, and ensure you’re dealing with legitimate buyers. Stock photo platforms generally offer a level of anonymity, but always prioritise your safety.

Do stock photo platforms charge to upload pictures?

Most stock photo platforms do not charge for uploads. Instead, they take a commission from each sale. Always review the platform’s terms to understand their fee structure.

How frequently should I update my foot picture portfolio?

Regular updates can boost visibility and sales. Aim to refresh your portfolio monthly or whenever you have new, high-quality images to offer.