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Tampon Subscription Boxes

Period Care Package Subscription: Why You Need One for Your Cycle

With periods being a recurring part of most women’s lives, the management of menstrual health and wellbeing is essential. Unfortunately, the hustle and bustle of everyday life can sometimes overshadow our cycle care, leading to last-minute dashes to the shop or discomfort due to lack of appropriate self-care items.

However, imagine a solution where all your period essentials – plus a few comforting extras – are delivered right to your doorstep, precisely when you need them.

That’s the convenience a period care package subscription offers. In this article, we’re going to take a look into why this modern service might just be the perfect solution for your menstrual cycle, and why a period subscription box can take the stress out of your cycle. Let’s take a look!

What is a Period Care Package?

A period care package is a curated collection of items designed to cater to your menstrual needs and enhance your wellbeing during your cycle. It’s essentially a personalised box filled with menstrual products like sanitary pads, tampons or menstrual cups, depending on your preference, alongside other comforting items like herbal teas, heating pads, and even chocolates or other indulgent treats.

The purpose of these care packages goes beyond merely supplying period essentials: the aim is to transform the period experience from a monthly inconvenience into a time of self-care and wellness. What that means is that the contents of these boxes are often thoughtfully curated to ensure they meet your menstrual needs, while also offering a touch of pampering and relaxation, such as skincare, sweet treats, and supplements that can help everything from PCOS to painful periods.

Moreover, these boxes recognise that every woman’s period experience is unique. Hence, the items included are often customisable based on your flow, preferred sanitary products, and other personal preferences. In essence, a period care package is your personalised companion throughout your cycle, helping to make the process smoother, more comfortable, and a bit more indulgent.

How Does a Period Care Package Subscription Work?

A period care package subscription operates on a recurring delivery model, much like other subscription services. The first step usually involves creating a profile on the service’s website. Here, you’ll provide details about your menstrual cycle – its typical duration and regularity – and your product preferences.

Depending on the service, you may be able to specify the type of sanitary products you prefer (organic, scented/unscented, pads/tampons/menstrual cups), as well as the extras you’d like to receive. Some services also allow you to dictate the frequency of delivery, aligning it with your menstrual cycle’s regularity.

Once you’ve tailored the service to your needs and preferences, your personalised period care package will be delivered to your doorstep, typically a few days before your period is due. The aim is to ensure you’re well-stocked and prepared for your cycle, so some services also offer 3-month deliveries, which is better for the environment and ideal if you often experience irregular cycles.

No more emergency trips to the shop or frantically searching for a spare tampon at the bottom of your bag – with a period care package subscription, you’ll have all your period essentials and comforting extras on hand, right when you need them.

Benefits of Period Subscription Boxes

So, why spend your money on a period subscription box when you could just pop to your local supermarket? Here’s just a few benefits of a monthly period care package:

Convenience and Timely Delivery

The most obvious benefit of a period subscription box is the sheer convenience. With a period subscription box, you can wave goodbye to emergency shop runs or makeshift solutions: the box is delivered right to your door, typically just before your period is due or a few weeks beforehand, ensuring you’re prepared for your cycle.

Moreover, the convenience isn’t just about having period products on hand. It extends to the comfort items included in the box, which means no additional shopping for self-care essentials during your period.


Another benefit of a period care package is that most period subscription services offer a high degree of personalisation: they consider the length and regularity of your cycle, your preferred type of sanitary products, and even the extras you’d like to receive.

With such personalisation, you receive a box that is tailor-made to your needs and preferences. It’s like having a period care package curated by someone who knows your period needs as well as you do – what’s not to love?

Enhances Menstrual Wellbeing

Aside from offering mere convenience, period subscription boxes are also designed to promote menstrual well-being. By providing not just sanitary products but also comfort items, these boxes aim to enhance your emotional wellness during your period.

This can include anything from soothing teas that alleviate menstrual cramps and heating pads for easing discomfort, to relaxing bath salts, and even mood-lifting snacks. These additions transform the period experience, encouraging self-care and relaxation during a time that can often be uncomfortable.

Exploration and Discovery

With period subscription boxes, you have the opportunity to discover and try new sanitary products, and you may find a new favourite brand of sanitary products or fall in love with a type of herbal tea that helps soothe your cramps.

Environmentally-Friendly Options

With growing awareness of environmental sustainability, many period subscription services now offer eco-friendly options. This can include boxes with organic and biodegradable sanitary products, reusable menstrual cups, and even eco-friendly packaging. For those who want to ensure that they’re living in an environmentally-conscious way, sustainable period subscription services are a must-have.

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Best Period Subscription Boxes in the UK

The UK market offers a plethora of period subscription boxes, each with their unique approach and offerings. Let’s take a closer look at just some of the best available options:

Pink Parcel

Pink Parcel is one of the UK’s leading period subscription boxes and is known for its comprehensive care package. Alongside your choice of sanitary products, Pink Parcel also includes a variety of treats like teas, chocolates, and skincare products to lift your spirits during your period. This box is all about combining necessities with indulgence, perfect for those who fancy a bit of pampering during their cycle.


Bettybox is specifically tailored to younger audiences who are new to the world of menstruation, and a typical box not only provides sanitary products but also includes age-appropriate beauty items, sweets, and educational materials that can help ease the journey into womanhood. If you’re a parent looking for a supportive and instructive gift for your daughter, Bettybox might be the perfect fit.


When it comes to menstrual care personalisation, you can’t do better than Yoppie. Yoppie offers organic sanitary products tailored to your flow and cycle, delivered in discreet, letterbox-friendly packaging, alongside optional supplements and skin care products tailored to your skin type. Yoppie also provides access to a community and content that address period-related topics, making it more than just a subscription service.


Daye takes the subscription box a notch higher with its clinically-backed, high performing sanitary products. Their pads and tampons are not only eco-friendly, but some are also infused with CBD to help alleviate period cramps. Daye offers a unique combination of sustainability, innovation, and menstrual care, with prices as low as £5.60 per pack when ordered with a subscription.

Which Period Box is Best for Me?

With such a diverse range of period subscription boxes available, choosing the one that suits you best depends on your personal needs and preferences. Whether you value indulgence, sustainability, educational content, personalisation, or innovative solutions to period discomfort, there’s a box waiting to transform your period experience. It’s worth researching each brand, understanding their offerings and ethos, and determining which aligns best with your menstrual care vision – you can take a look at our list of the best period subscription boxes in the UK for inspiration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are period subscription boxes cost-effective?

Period subscription boxes can be cost-effective depending on the products and brands included. Most services offer a variety of packages at different price points to suit various budgets. It’s worth noting that you’re not only paying for the sanitary products but also for the convenience, personalisation, and additional comfort items included in the box.

Can I customise the products in my box?

Yes, many period subscription services allow you to customise your box based on your preferences, from the type of sanitary products to the additional items included. However, the level of customisation varies from service to service.

What if my period is irregular?

Many period subscription services take into account the regularity of your cycle when scheduling deliveries. If your period is irregular, you can usually adjust your delivery schedule accordingly or choose a service that allows for flexible delivery dates.

Are there environmentally-friendly period subscription boxes?

Yes, several period subscription boxes in the UK, like Freda and Daye, offer environmentally-friendly options, including organic and biodegradable sanitary products and eco-friendly packaging.

Are period subscription boxes a good option for teens?

Absolutely! Period subscription boxes like Bettybox are designed specifically for younger audiences, including age-appropriate sanitary products, treats, and educational materials about menstruation. These boxes can make the transition into womanhood a little easier and more enjoyable.